The disciplines listed below provide (but are not limited to) the services identified. Each discipline works in collaboration with the persons health care provider.

Skilled Nursing

Infinity Home Health provides high quality skilled home care by providing experts who understand changing needs. Our skilled nursing services provide each individual client with a personal nursing team that conducts a comprehensive evaluation of all the clients needs and creates a care plan that allows them to be confident and comfortable in their own home. Coordinating and communicating with all the clients care plan team members and providers ensures a safe and thriving homecare experience. 

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists understand the importance of each client regaining their independence. Our occupational therapist will assist each client with physical, sensory or cognitive problems, while helping with barriers that effect emotional, social and physical needs.

Medical Social Work

Our social work department takes pride in educating patients and families about community assistance programs such as adult family living, meals on wheels, adult day care and insurance coverage. Advocating for clients who are working through psychological and health struggles. 

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy team provides the highest quality therapeutic services to individuals in the comfort of their own home. This includes providing rehabilitation services to assist clients in reaching their maximum level of function and independence. We are proud to provide experienced therapists that specialize in vestibular therapy, fall prevention, lymphedema therapy, incontinence training and ultrasound therapy.  

Behavioral Health

Infinity Home Health understands how important mental health is. We provide experienced behavioral health staff to our clients who need psychological support. We have a well-developed coordination care plan team starting with the pharmacy to the   providers in the community. Our experienced staff monitors client’s needs, medication administration in the home and provides a secure medication lock box for client safety.  

Home Health Aide

An important role to quality home care, our home health aides are certified nurse’s aides (CNA) and are certified to perform duties and services that help each client maintain a personal comfort and a clean, safe environment while assisting in the activities of daily living. 
Infinity Home Care Medical Social Work Connecticut

Disease Management

Infinity Home Health plays a pivotal role in the transformation of healthcare in the home. We understand that chronic disease management can be overwhelming for the client and their family. Our staff have many years of experience with Chronic obstructive Pulmonary Disorder, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke and Wound Care, with wound certified staff. Our experienced nurses treat each person and each chronic disease with a personalized home health strategy, from medical maintenance to education with emotional support. Providing education to the client in the home improves the quality of life for the individual. 

Post Operative Orth Care

Infinity Home Health is highly experienced in the post operative orthopedic care for clients. Our healthcare team at Infinity along with the orthopedic physician developed quality protocols and guidelines for the most effective treatment plan in the comfort of your own home. We ensure that each client has all the necessary equipment in place. If equipment is needed our therapy team will assist in ordering what is needed.  Our nurse will make sure that each client is confident and fully aware of what to expect while healing at home. We understand that questions or concerns may arise so please call our nurse liaison with any questions. Our orthopedic liaison coordinates care and ensures seamless communication between client, staff and physician and is available 24 hours a day. 

A company that truly cares about their clients needs as well as their employees. My grandma has been receiving care for a while and we are beyond happy with their support.  Highly recommended.

– Anesa

I am working at Infinity Home Care for more than 15 years.  Infinity Home Care’s staff are caring, compassionate, they are responsible and reliable.  They show excellent quality of work for the caring for the the senior adult.

– Lucy

Excellent place to work, excellent care and services given to patients! I will alway be thankful for giving me the opportunity to be part of your excellent team.

– Robert

Infinity Home Care are your Caring Neighbors

We are your caring neighbors.